ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාතාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජයේ තානාපති කාර්යාලය

இலங்கை ஜனநாயக சோசலிச குடியரசின் தூதரகம்

Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka



Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
Consular Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-11:30am
Emergency Contact Number: +86 10 65321861/2

Power  of  Attorney/ Authorization/Attestation

Power of Attorney

Important Details

  • The applicant should be a Sri Lankan citizen.

  • Applicants may sign only before an Official of the Embassy and are required to bring a witnesses.

Required Documents

All Photocopies Should Be Submitted in A4 Size.

  • Valid Sri Lankan Passport (with copies of Bio Data page and Observation Page)

  • Visa page of the passport (with acopy)


Authentication and attestation

If the applicant wishes to certify a document issued by a Sri Lanka or Chinese authorities through this Embassy, below steps are to be followed.

1、Documents  issued by the Sri Lankan  authorities

  • Submit the original document to the Embassy in person.

  • The applicant should have brought the passport and valid visa at the time of submission.

  • This Embassy will verify the authenticity of the provided certificate through the Electronic Document Attestation System  (e-DAS) and will issue verified certificate with the endorsement of the Embassy.

2、Documents issued by the Chinese Authorities

  • Certify the document through a registered Notary Public of China.

  • Submit the certified document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Beijing for authentication.

  • Submit the document to the Embassy for attestation.

Payment Details

Power of Attorney/ Affidavit/Certification, Authentication and Attestation of Documents

Caveat orderUSD 20 - or  RMB 130
Attestation of documents as a Justice of PeaceUSD 50 - or  RMB 320
Swearing or affirming an affidavitUSD 50 - or  RMB 320
Attestation of Power of Attorney or ProxyUSD 50 - or  RMB 320
Administering an oath or affirmationUSD 50 - or  RMB 320
Attestation of documents
  • If the document owner is a Sri Lankan National

USD 30 - or  RMB 195
  • If the document owner is a Foreign National

USD 33 - or  RMB 215
Attestation of Education certificateUSD 5 - or  RMB 32
Attestation of a set of Export documentsUSD 44 - or  RMB 285
e-DAS Attestation
  • e-DAS Attestation of documents when owner is a Sri Lankan National

USD 25 - or  RMB 160
  • e-DAS Attestation of docs when owner is a Foreign National

USD 35 - or  RMB 225

Other Documents

All certificates including life certificates furnished by Sri Lankan Pensioners for pension purposeFree of Charge
Documents relating to burial/ cremation of Human RemainsFree of Charge
Documents relating to dispatch of human remains To Sri LankaFree of Charge
Issuance of all other letters/CertificateUSD 30 - or  RMB 195