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Your Profit Center in South Asia…


Hambantota International Port Group is a Public Private Partnership and a Strategic Development Project between the Government of Sri Lanka and China Merchants Port Holdings (CMPort). It is incorporated as a private limited liability company under the laws of Sri Lanka. HIPG’s parent company CMPort is the largest and a globally competitive public port developer, investor, and operator in China with investments in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, resulting in a port network portfolio spanning 36 ports in 18 countries and 5 continents. A subsidiary of the globally recognized China Merchant Group, CMPort is an award-winning operator in the cargo logistics sector, with an international record of accomplishment for best practices and sustainable cargo transportation


China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (CMPort)

The history of China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (CMPort), formerly China Merchants Holdings International (CMHI), dates back to 1872 when its parent company, China Merchants Group, was established in Hong Kong, focusing on core businesses of Transportation, Finance and Property. Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1992 (00144), CMPort is the largest, globally competitive public port developer, investor, and operator in China. The company’s investments cover Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, while its port network includes coastal hub ports in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Zhangzhou, Zhanjiang, and Shantou. It has a growing presence in South-Asia, Africa, Mediterranean and South America. CMPort’s current port network portfolio spans 50 ports in 26 countries and regions. CMPort has consistently strived and succeeded in its vision: To be a world-class comprehensive port service provider.



Strategic Location and Robust Partnerships

Harnessing the resources of the Government of Sri Lanka, as well as the global standing of China Merchants Port Holdings (CMPort) in a Public Private Partnership, Hambantota Port Group (HIPG) is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the global business arena. Located ten nautical miles from global shipping route linking the Far-East with the West, Hambantota International Port is Sri Lanka’s most diversified deep-water, multi-purpose port. It offers a comprehensive range of services for the shipping industry, with a focus on new technologies and environmentally sustainable practices, in keeping with the latest advances in the maritime sector.



Hambantota International Port offers the most diversified range of services in the Port & Maritime industry in Sri Lanka. It operates across a number of business sectors, namely, RO-RO, Container Cargo, Conventional cargo, Dry Bulk Cargo, Breakbulk Cargo, Project Cargo, Liquid Bulk Cargo (LPG, LNG), Petro Chemicals, Marine Bunker Fuel and Cruise Terminals.



Hambantota International Port has great potential in energy services due to its location in the Indian Ocean rim, where 50% of the world’s maritime oil is traded. HIP’s LPG and future LNG operations are sure to cement the port’s position as an energy hub in the region.


HIP provides a wide range of client and industry-specific services such as bunkering, ship repairs, ship chandling, sea marshals, underwater services, surveys, and crew changes. Timely and professional provision of these services ensure that customer fleets always remain in operational condition.



The Port Investment Services responsibility lies with generating export oriented Foreign Direct Investments ( FDI) projects for the port industrial park, encompassing an extent of 228 hectares of land for industries to build and operate their business in addition to carrying out property management for the Maritime Center.



The port is located 10 nautical miles from the busiest sea route, the east west trade route and is located on the traditional silk route.


The Port Industrial Park holds more than two square kilometers of dedicated land, which is made available for the setup of business and industries. Having the Hambantota Port declared as a free port, eases financial burdens in today’s fast-moving day and age for shippers and manufacturers to manage their cargo movement on import, export, and re-export. The Port Industrial Park follows and replicates the success of China Merchants Port’s strategic ‘PPC’ or Port, Park & City model, which was first effectively implemented in the renowned industrial zone - Shekou in Shenzhen, in the People’s Republic of China. This model has enabled investors to benefit from considerable savings in cost and time as a result of having the port within close proximity to their manufacturing plant.

The industrial park has demarcated and classified 3 industry clusters such as Heavy Industries, Light Industries and Food processing industries. This demarcation is indicated on the diagram below and shows the land area allocated for each cluster.

HIP welcomes the setting up of any manufacturing industry that’s geared towards exports in the Hambantota International port Industrial Park, provided it conforms to the Investment, Environment Laws and Policies of the Government of Sri Lanka. Heavy polluting Industries such as coal and cement manufacturing will not be allowed.



Target Industry Sectors & Investment Opportunities 

  • Heavy Industry

    - Tire & Steel

  • Light Industry

    - Port side

    - Land side

  • Electronic & Electrical Products

  • Food Processing

  • Bonded Warehousing for Transshipment

  • Logistical Services

  • Service Area

    - Office




  • Artificial Island

    -  Commercial & Office complex

    -  Residential & Villa

    -  Leisure & Eco Park


A dedicated project committee screens investment projects to ensure that all project criteria are met, and the project processes fall within the regulated environmental framework. Projects that meet the required criteria are channeled to the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and other relevant government agencies for project approval.

Screening and approval of investment proposal is carried out in collaboration with the Board of Investment, which is the national agency tasked with promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment within Sri Lanka.


Investor Benefits & Incentives

  • Savings in time and cost of transportation due to easy access to port services for imports and exports.

  • Warehousing facilities for bulk storage.

  • Free Trade Agreements with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Singapore.

  • GSP & GSP + with USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

  • Access to skilled labour.

  • Complimenting and constantly expanding road networks and expressways within the island.

  • Sufficient water and power capacity to accommodate investor’s project requirements.

  • Public facilities such as hospitals and recreational activities.

  • Fast & Efficient Property Management Services

  • Export Oriented Projects

    - Duty free importation of Raw Materials & Plant & Machinery

    - 14% Corporate Income tax.

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