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இலங்கை ஜனநாயக சோசலிச குடியரசின் தூதரகம்

Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka



Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
Consular Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-11:30am
Emergency Contact Number: +86 10 65321861/2

The island nation’s Ceylon Tea has been prized for its unique flavour, colour & character, which cannot be readily found elsewhere in the world. The humidity, cool temperatures, sunshine and rainfall (two monsoons) in the country’s central and southern highlands are conducive to the manufacture of unique quality teas. Tea plantations are scenic and pristine. Tea is grown, handpicked and processed in an artisanal process, unchanged for over a 153 years. Ceylon tea is divided into three groups: High Grown, Mid Grown, and Low Grown tea based on the elevation and geography of the land on which it is grown. This is similar to the terroir concept in wine. Ceylon Tea has unique characteristics and is known for superior flavor for its high grown teas and exquisite leaf appearance for low grown teas, much favored in the Middle East. Ceylon Tea is reputed as the “cleanest tea in the world” in respect of pesticide residues due to these stringent controls.

Trade FairPeriod

1. Xiamen tea fair -Fujian


2. CIIE fair Shanghai- Shanghai


3. SHENZHEN Tea fair- Guangdong


4. Guangzhou Tea expo- Guangdong


5. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Dayan International Tea Expo (Zhuhai)


6. China Arab Expo -Ningxia


7. China-Russia Expo - Harbin


8. China Hangzhou International Tea Industry Expo-Hanzhou


9. The 7th China(Dalian) International Tea Industry Expo-Dalian


10. Rizhao Tea Expo- Shangdong


Tea export market entry requirements 

If any Sri Lanka tea exporter prefer to export tea, the following steps should be fulfilled:

a. A certificate of business registration 

b. Tea Exporter registration obtained from Sri Lanka Tea Board

c. Official contact particulars (Fax, Email, fixed telephone lines, professional tea taster and staff)

d. Company bank account of the organization 

e. Sri Lanka Tea Board registered warehouse (Should maintain approved hygiene conditions)

f. Pre sample approval from Sri Lanka Tea Board

g. Sri Lanka custom registration

h.     Register at Single Window Platform  of GACC - https://cifer.singlewindow.cn

*GACC: The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China

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